Caring for your Tree

After Christmas

Cut Trees

At Home:

If you have access to a chipper or shredder then you can turn your tree into garden mulch and use it to improve the soil around your plants and fruit trees and help suppress weeds.

At the Garden Centre:

When buying your Christmas tree ask the retailer for details - many Garden Centres offer Christmas tree recycling facilities.

Your Local Council:

Most councils collect Christmas trees at the beginning of January. Contact your local council or check their website for their collection dates after the Christmas season and simply leave your tree on the kerbside on the correct day. Trees are usually shredded into chippings which are then used locally in parks or woodland areas.

Pot Grown Trees

Keep in the Pot:

Once the festive period is over, place your tree outside. You can keep it in a cover pot or its climate bag and remember to keep the soil moist.

You can also re-pot your tree if garden space is limited, ask your local Garden Centre to recommend the best fertiliser and compost to use (we recommend John Innes No 2 Potting Media), and then transfer the tree into a larger pot annually. Water-in well and keep the soil moist.

Re-potting your tree is the perfect solution if you wish to bring it indoors for Christmas year after year. 

Planting in your Garden:

Dig a hole the same depth as the pot and twice as wide.

Carefully remove the tree from the growing pot using scissors (careful not to disturb the roots) and place into the hole .


In-fill with 50:50 mix of soil and compost.

Gently firm the soil and water well.

Water generously in the first few years of establishment.

Admire your Needlefresh tree for years to come.


Needlefresh was formed by a group of serious growers of real Christmas trees, who wanted to ensure their trees were delivered direct from their plantations to your home. Needlefresh have real Christmas trees available for sale to the trade throughout the UK, straight from our specialist growers.


8 Years in the Life of a Christmas Tree


Every tree has a story that starts many years before it reaches your home. Learn how our growers care for your Needlefresh Christmas tree throughout its life.