Caring for your Tree

Choosing Your Tree

Find the perfect Needlefresh Christmas tree for your home and be sure it will last all season.

Which Species?

Don't panic! Choosing the best variety of Christmas tree for your home is simple.

Needle variety is something to bear in mind if you have young children or excitable pets. It is usually best to stick with Needlefast® varieties as they have softer needles and superior needle holding abilities. However, some may consider the sharper needles of a Spruce a good deterrent for pets!

Your style may also influence your decision, some prefer minimalisist decorations, others like a bountiful display. If you prefer larger decorations and baubles try the Noble or Nordman Fir, their open branching patterns will really show them off. Other species of Christmas tree look stunning with a simple string of lights such as our Serbian Spruce, Fraser Fir or Lodgepole Pine, but these will still look wonderfully festive with an abundance of decorations. If you're a true traditionalist you should always opt for Norway Spruce, as this is the tree that has historically been used in the UK as it grows naturally around the country.

View descriptions and photos of each species here


To ensure your Christmas tree looks great for the entire festive season follow our simple steps to help you buy the healthiest tree.

  1. Visit your nearest Needlefresh retailer
  2. The tree should have a good fragrance and an attractive good green colour; a fresh tree will retain its moisture content and thereby keep its fragrance and colour.
  3. Avoid very light weight and dry trees and steer clear of trees with a lot of browning needles.
  4. Take hold of a branch about six inches from the tip between your thumb and forefinger, gently pull your hand toward you allowing the branch to slip through your fingers, needles should stay on the branch.
  5. Bump the base end of the tree lightly against the ground to see if any outside needles fall off, if only a few drop off, the tree is fresh.
  6. Branches should be strong enough to hold decorations and strings of lights.
Cut or Pot Grown?

If you’re worried about space and time, Needlefresh pot grown trees are ideal. They offer the instant solution for the busy Christmas season and, if you’re really short of time, our attractive cover pot means you can avoid any fiddly decorating should you wish to. As they’re living, pot grown trees do require frequent watering – but as with any house plant, be careful not to over water. If well looked after they can be planted out in the garden after Christmas, avoiding any “treecycling” hassle, and enjoyed for years to come.

Cut trees can be slightly fiddlier, but are perfect if you’re after a centre-piece for the festivities or have a larger space to fill. However, if you arrange help for fixing the base and putting up the tree, there is little hard work required. Cut trees should be treated like a cut flower and need plenty of frequent watering, but once decorated you’ll have a beautiful festive focal point for all to admire.


Needlefresh was formed by a group of serious growers of real Christmas trees, who wanted to ensure their trees were delivered direct from their plantations to your home. Needlefresh have real Christmas trees available for sale to the trade throughout the UK, straight from our specialist growers.




Every tree has a story that starts many years before it reaches your home. Learn how our growers care for your Needlefresh Christmas tree throughout its life.