Caring for your Tree

David Domoney - Brand Ambassador

Needlefresh Direct are pleased to be working with Broadcaster & Chartered Horticulturist David Domoney, presenter of numerous television shows for ITV, including their flagship prime time show Love Your Garden. David has shared his thoughts below to help you make the most of your real UK grown Christmas Tree this year.

Needlefresh 12 Days of Christmas Tree Care Part 2
  1. Place Christmas wrapping paper on the floor around the base of the tree to stop anything dropping off and damaging your carpet. 
  1. Position the Christmas tree away from any heat sources like radiators or open fires. 
  1. Opt for LED lights rather than old incandescent lights because they won’t overheat and dry your tree – they’re cheaper to run too. 
  1. Put the fairy lights and star on the tree first so you don’t have the difficulty of reaching high once the tree is completely decorated. 
  1. Try a Needlefresh pot grown tree which can be planted outside afterwards to grow. 
  1. If you’re short on space, try a Abies fraseri (fraser fir) which has slimmer, narrow growth which is a great looking tree and also ideal for saving space. 
  1. Measure the height and width of the space you want to fill and cut two pieces of string to those sizes. Then, these can be used to measure against the trees when you’re picking one. 
  1. Make your own rustic Christmas tree decorations using pinecones collected from a woodland walk. You can paint and embellish them and add string to them to create hanging decorations. 
  1. Look up exactly where your tree was grown using the code on your Needlefresh Christmas tree label by visiting their website.

  2. For the best scent try Picea abies (Norway spruce) which has a lovely pine fragrance and is considered the oldest used traditional Christmas tree.
  3. If you have pets or small children, it’s ideal to anchor the tree in a container and secure it to the nearest wall.

  4. Try lights that are colour coded to your style for ultimate mood-lighting like pink and white, or blue and violet to match your aesthetic.



How to dress your Christmas Tree

Every year the question “when are you going to put up your tree?” is posed, sometimes with a little judgement depending on whether your answer is too early or too late. But whenever you decide to put up your tree, you want to ensure you’re doing it right to make it looks its best. After all, it’s going to be around for the whole of the festive period.

Before decorating

Once you get your real cut tree home, there are a couple of things to do to ensure it’s in good condition for Christmastime. If you aren’t ready to bring your tree indoors right away, keep it standing in water outside in a sheltered spot. When you’re ready to bring it inside, cut about an inch off the bottom of the stump which will help absorption of moisture to reduce needles dropping and drooping of branches.

After trimming the stump, your Needlefresh tree can be placed into a special tree stand, like Bertie, which has enough space for water, so you can keep it topped up. When fixing the tree in place, ensure your tree is standing upright, as you don’t want one on a tilt or loose, especially if there are any curious children or pets who may make it wobble when searching for presents.

A top tip before choosing your tree is to measure the height of the space for your tree so you have a rough guide on the size you’re looking for. Bear in mind that you want to leave enough room for your tree topper, whether you go for a star, angel, or something a little more abstract. The tree can be trimmed down to size if you do end up getting one that’s a little too big.

Getting started

For the best dressed Christmas tree, it’s ideal to layer up in a well-thought-out order. Start off with lights and do a test before winding them around the tree by plugging in and checking they work.

Even choosing lights can be a tricky decision. Do you want icy white, warm orange, or multi-coloured lights for some festive fun? A top tip for positioning the lights is to switch them on when placing them, so you can see the distribution of the bulbs and ensure they’re evenly spread.

This is also the time to add anything else that is to be wound around the whole tree. This even includes beads and tinsel if that is the style you desire. Some people are not on team tinsel, but you want your Christmas tree to be perfect for you.

The second step when dressing the tree may seem like an odd choice. But, putting the tree topper on at the start is actually easier than as the finishing touch. When your tree is fully festooned with lights and baubles, it may be difficult to fix the topper. So, doing it first will eliminate this problem.

Deck the halls

There are so many design schemes to choose from, including classic cottage Christmas and colourful kitsch designs. So, whatever décor you decide to deck the halls with, there are some things to consider when hanging decorations on the tree.

Firstly, it’s likely that you have accumulated different decorations over the years. There may be some delicate glass baubles or sentimental handmade ornaments. With heavier baubles, start adding these towards the inside the tree to ensure the branches are balanced. From here, work outwards, adding baubles in clusters which can help to add another dimension. If you have different styles of baubles or decorations, cluster a few different ones together to draw the eye to these sections to emphasise their beauty.

In terms of size, it can have a great impact to use larger baubles towards the bottom of the tree, gradually decreasing in size towards the top. Leave your key ornaments to the end to ensure they get a good spot. This is ideal for any sentimental décor including ones that have been handmade by family members, or personalised ones that mark a special occasion.

As well as general hanging decorations, picks and sprays can be used to add something a little different to the display. With flexible materials, these can be changed to suit the size and shape of the tree. There are sprays of colourful berries, or frosted foliage to transform your living area into a winter wonderland.

When it’s all over

You don’t want to get in a tangle with all the decorations, so I recommend taking them down and storing them well by wrapping the lights around flat pieces of cardboard. Baubles can be kept in the boxes they were bought in, or in boxes with plenty of newspaper, tissue paper, or bubble wrap to keep delicate decorations safe.

Whatever your design, you’ll want your tree to look good all season long. By dressing your Christmas tree using these top tips, you’ll have a professional looking tree in no time.



Needlefresh - 12 days of Christmas tree care

During the festive period, there’s no better feeling than waking up and being greeted by the delicious pine scent in your home. Make the most of it by caring for your tree with these top tips that will help it stick around and not drop needles, so you have a fantastic tree over Christmas.

  1. The first tip is to choose the right tree for you. Depending on the space you have to spare and the date you’re getting your tree may have an influence on the type of tree you pick. For example, Serbian spruces are well suited to smaller spaces with their narrow growth.

  2. The right care will reduce the likelihood of needles dropping, but Nordmann firs are known for their needle retention. The have soft needles too, making them perfect for family homes where little hands will want to help decorate.
  3. Buying the freshest tree possible is a good start, with branches and needles that are firmly attached and springy.
  1. If you’ve opted for a cut tree, place it in a bucket of water to rehydrate it. Then, saw off an extra couple of centimetres off the bottom of the stump to expose the wood pores which allows it to take up water efficiently.
  1. When positioning your tree, remember that hot and dry air will dehydrate it. So, steer clear of placing it near a radiator, fire or sunny window. Instead, choose a spot that is cool and shaded.
  1. Decorating the tree is such an important part of the festivities. When choosing lights to adorn the tree with, opt for LED fairy lights that don’t get as hot as other bulb types and are cheaper to run too.
  1. Ensure your tree is positioned upright and straight, the last thing you want is a Christmas tree toppling over. Have one person holding the tree straight whilst the other fixes and secures the base.
  1. Keep the water topped up in cut tree containers to stop them from dropping needles. Freshly cut trees will take in plenty of water within the first week in your home, around 2 pints a day.
  1. Give your tree a little boost by stirring a couple of spoonfuls of sugar into the water before adding it to the container. Or mix in some full-sugar lemonade with the water for the tree to absorb.

  2. With pot grown trees, ensure there is sufficient drainage holes to allow excess water to drain away when watered. Water regularly, when the top of the soil begins to dry out to keep the compost moist.

  3. Pot-grown trees are best to be kept outside in a sheltered spot until they’re ready to be brought inside to be decorated. If you want to plant it out ready to be used again next year, it’s ideal to bring it in as late as possible.

  4. Once the festivities are over and you want to move your pot-grown tree back outdoors, acclimatise it to the outdoors by placing it in a cooler position such as a porch or conservatory for a few days before placing outside.

 With these top tips, you can make the most out of your Christmas tree, whether you opt for a cut tree or a pot-grown variety. Bringing a real tree into your home will not only bring the magical essence of Christmas but a wonderful fragrance too that will conjure up many happy memories.



Needlefresh was formed by a group of serious growers of real Christmas trees, who wanted to ensure their trees were delivered direct from their plantations to your home. Needlefresh have real Christmas trees available for sale to the trade throughout the UK, straight from our specialist growers.




Every tree has a story that starts many years before it reaches your home. Learn how our growers care for your Needlefresh Christmas tree throughout its life.