Needlefresh - Fresh from the field!

Needlefresh was founded nearly 25 years ago by a group of growers passionate about growing top quality Christmas trees. The aim was to supply their trees direct through specialist retailers. A small dedicated team coordinate the supply from the growers direct to all parts of the UK, with each grower sending their trees direct from the field.

Quality and Freshness - Guaranteed

We aim to deliver the very best quality trees direct from the field, to guarantee that you buy a tree which is almost as fresh as the day it was cut.! All our trees are grown from specially selected seeds, which are nurtured into seedlings in specialist nurseries before being planted out. Every tree is individually cared for by hand for as many as 12 years to supply you with the most beautiful, best quality tree.

British Grown

Most of our trees are British grown – and we’re proud of it!  At least 90% are from specialist British growers 

The Environment

Here at Needlefresh we care about the environment and the animals and plants near our growing trees. Our growers use as few chemicals as possible and where they do use them, they only use those fully approved and tested to ensure they have minimal impact to flora, fauna and water courses. Wherever trees have been harvested, each grower ensures that at least 2 trees are planted to replace it.


When you buy one of our Christmas trees, you are buying a tree that has been specially grown for you with years of care and attention to detail. We hope you feel as happy about buying a Needlefresh tree as we do about growing them.

            George Hood

(Managing Director of Needlefresh Direct)

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