Other Christmas Decorations

Garlands and Wreaths

When you picture a classic Christmas scene with stockings by the fireplace, there is always a festive garland adorning the mantel. And what classic Christmas scene would be complete without a wreath hanging on your front door?

Festive garlands and wreaths are the perfect way to spread the Christmas cheer throughout your home.

Start your home’s transformation with a beautiful wreath on your front door and when the door opens, be greeted by a striking garland up the banister of your staircase. If you are in an old cottage with beams, decorate them with garlands dotted with lights. This is great way to bring some additional seasonal cheer into your home.

Top Tips

If you bedeck your home with wreaths and garlands, they tie in nicely if you decorate them to match your tree.

Use battery powered fairy lights to save the hassle of finding a nearby plug socket and avoid tripping hazards.

Try using a small wreath for your table decorations – when flat on the table with a pillar candle in the centre nothing looks more elegant.  Please note, a half wick candle is essential here to avoid any dry foliage catching fire.

You don’t always need to add extra decorations to your wreaths and garlands – a simple mixed foliage design can look beautiful.

Table Decorations

No Christmas feast is complete without stunning decorations on the table. If you’re short of time a good option is to use a wreath with a pillar candle placed in the centre. If you prefer to start from scratch we recommend using Noble fir foliage because of its attractive colour and good needle retention. This can then be emphasised with further embellishments such as holly, poinsettia, mistletoe, eucalyptus, baubles, ribbons and candles.

Top Tips –

Any baubles which have lost their string look great if put into a large fishbowl vase mixed with fairy lights or with a candle in the centre.

If you’re a candle fan, create an elegant simple feature by placing beads in the base of a vase or bell jar and putting a large pillar candle in the centre.

Always use a half wick candle to avoid any dry foliage catching fire.