About Us

Needlefresh Direct

Needlefresh will be 25 years old next year! Here's how it all started.

Back in 1996 a group of like minded Christmas Tree growers got together to form their own Christmas tree marketing group. That marketing group became NEEDLEFRESH. At that time nearrly all Christmas trees went through the hands of wholesalers who re handled the trees before they arrived at the with the retailer. This meant tht the trees often were not fresh and had been badly handled before the customer got their hands on them.

The main aim of NEEDLFRESH was to get the trees DIRECT from the grower to the sales point so they were really fresh. That still holds true today - we know how important freshness is! Nearly 25 years on NEEDLEFRESH is still a grower led company, supplying trees from up to 12 different growers each season.

Over 90% of our trees are BRITISH, with the majority grown in SCOTLAND. YOu can even trace where your tree was grown using teh unique number tag we place on every tree cut.

We have thoroughly enjoyed bringing the UK fresh Christmas trees for the past 25 years, and we sincerely hope we will be here still growing Christmas trees in another 25 years


When you buy a Needlefresh tree you know it is nearly as fresh as teh day it was harvested, and that it has been grown in harmony with the surroundong flora and fauna.