Tree Care

After Christmas

A tree isn't just for Christmas.....

After the Festive Season is over, here are the best ways of dealing with your trees

Dispose of your Cut Christmas tree carefully. It can make a big difference to the environment

If you have access to a chipper or shredder then you can turn your tree into garden mulch and use it to improve the soil around your plants and fruit trees and help suppress weeds. Alternatively, either:-

  1.  Contact your supplier who often will take your tree back and shred it for you.
  2. Call your local council, many of whom offer recycling  facilities



... if you do you will release all the carbon which has been absorbed by your tree while it was growing immediately back into the atmosphere.


Your Pot Grown tree is alive & breathing!!

if you look after your Pot Grown tree carefully during the festive period, you can then grow it on for future years. If you do your tree will be completely CARBON NEUTRAL


  1.  Growing in a pot - If you want to continue to grow your tree  in a container, you need to plant it into one which is at least twice the size ( approximately 15 litres)
  2. Growing in the Garden - You can plant the tree in an open space allowing it plenty of space to grow. (Once established, your tree can grow at least 30cms per year, and could grow to as much as 12 metres in 30 years!)




Growing in a Pot

Remove the decorative Cover Pot and then the Climate Bag from around the Growing Pot inside. It is important to re-pot into a larger container or pot which is at least twice the size. ( A minimum of 15 litres). You can plant it into the new container while still in the grow pot, If you prefer, you can remove the grow pot to release the roots completely. If you decide to remove the grow pot, it is important to cut the grow pot away from the natural rootball disturbing as little of the soil around the roots as possible.

Planting In Open ground

Dig a hole twice as wide and twice as deep as the size of the grow pot. Fill the hole with a mixture of general purpose compost and soil. Carefully remove the tree from the grow pot, disturbing as little of the natural rootball as possible. PLant on naturally free draining soil. Your tree will tolerate shade and does not require feeding.  It is possible to plant your tree without removing the grow pot. It will still grow, but perhaps a little more slowly.